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Input text: a moose. a large white cigar is -2.3 feet above and -.4 feet in front of and -1.4 feet right of the moose. it faces right. the band of the cigar is white. it leans 10 degrees to the back. a 2.1 inch tall and 2.7 inch wide fire tube is -3.4 inch right of and -3.3 inch above the cigar. it leans 100 degrees to the right. a gray shiny xi is -.2 feet right of the tube. the ground is [forest]. a man is -3 feet above and -6 feet in front of the moose. the man leans to the front. the sky is 1000 feet wide [forest]. a 3.5 feet wide [leaf] picture is -.67 feet above and -2 feet left of the man. it leans 12 degrees to the right. the sun's azimuth is 270 degrees. the sun's altitude is 20 degrees. the sun is fresh green
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Effects: Cracked paint
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nheiges  (10/18/2018) 
Yes, please, and thank you kindly. (Did you ever see the TV show Due South?)
Nanook  (10/18/2018) 
I hadn't thought of that show in ages.
nheiges  (10/18/2018) 
Me either, but I used to love it!
KAWE  (10/19/2018) 
cannabis ey :-)
Nanook  (10/19/2018) 
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