The conversation

Input text:  a 10 foot tall living room. a man is -10 feet above and -10 feet right of the living room. he faces left. a woman is 7 feet left of the man. she faces right.
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Effects: Talk Balloon, Talk Balloon
Attributions: untitled by nheiges and , living ro... by coyne
nheiges  (10/23/2018) 
It's just me, then!
coyne  (10/24/2018) 
Yeah, must be something related to your particular browser version. Or maybe some old version of the javascript (code that runs in the browser) is cached and not getting updated. In general, it works on both chrome, safari and firefox.

Just so I understand. On safari, you can do all effects other than where it uses an interactive text box on the scene. And on chrome you can't do effects at all? For chrome, do you see the big column of effects? What happens when you click on one of the parameters change as normal, or is the problem when you try to apply the effect and nothing happens?
nheiges  (10/24/2018) 

nheiges  (10/24/2018) 
I had stopped using Chrome for WordsEye after the last update, when the effects stopped working. I hadn't tried again until just now. :-)
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