You Are A Rude, Terrible Person

Input text: The first [house] wall is to the left of the second [marble] wall. The second wall is facing left. The enormous rat is -1 foot in front and -7 feet to the right of the first wall. it is facing southwest. the head is -1 foot southwest of the rat. It is facing southwest. It is -1.5 foot above the rat. The 1 tiny man is 2 feet southwest of the rat. he is facing the rat. The [tile] ground. 6 tiny people are 1 foot in front of the man. They are facing the rat.
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KAWE  (11/8/2018) 
yes, that's really true
nheiges  (11/8/2018) 
the real Enemy of the People!
watcher570  (11/9/2018) 
cornered like a rat!
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