Tempus fugit II

Input text: a 100 inch tall and 110 inch wide and 50 inch deep gold pocket watch.the crystal of the watch is clear white.two gold lights are -10 inch above the pocket watch.a 150 inch tall gold hourglass is behind the pocket watch.a 100 inch tall tan baby is left of the hourglass.a 23 inch tall delft blue hat is -15 inch above the baby.the hat is -84 inch in front of the baby.a 150 inch tall and 100 inch wide and 200 inch deep gray alarm clock is 100 inch right of the pocket watch.the alarm clock is 100 inch behind the pocket watch.a gray light is above the alarm clock.a 240 inch tall and 150 inch wide and 100 inch deep shiny black umbrella is 60 inch right of the alarm clock.the umbrella leans 50 degrees to south.the rib of the umbrella is black.a 40 inch tall petrol blue crow is in front of the pocket watch.the crow is facing the pocket watch.the coronet of the hat is black.
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
nheiges  (11/23/2018) 
coyne  (11/25/2018) 
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