Flight 19 unsolved

Input text: a 165 inch wide and 45 inch tall and 2 inch deep sphere.a [BA] backdrop.the sphere is 140 inch wide [F19].
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
nheiges  (11/25/2018) 
I never knew about that - sounds like a conspiracy theorist's delight :-)
KAWE  (11/25/2018) 
Flight 19 was a group of five torpedo bombers starting from Fort Lauderdale that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945
nheiges  (11/25/2018) 
Ohh - I googled Flight F19 by mistake, and that also led to an interesting story. I remember I used to hear a lot about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle when I was a kid.
watcher570  (11/25/2018) 
Watched a documentary the other day about the Bermuda Triangle.
lespaulguy  (11/25/2018) 
great representation of it
Nanook  (11/29/2018) 
Wicked good!
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