Input text:  a 1st 110 inch tall donut.the 1st donut is 150 inch wide [kawe40].the 1st donut leans 50 degrees to right.a 2nd 130 inch tall donut is -280 inch left of the 1st donut.the 2nd donut leans 20 degrees to left.the 2nd donut is 100 inch wide [kawe40].ground is gainsboro.three petrol blue lights are 4 inch above the 1st donut.two petrol blue lights are 20 inch left of the 2nd donut.
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Effects: Saturation, Invert, Invert, Sharpen, Solarize, Invert
Attributions: Elephant in... by KAWE
nheiges  (12/5/2018) 
Nanook  (12/6/2018) 
freaky cool!
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