It's snow fun!

Input text: a gigantic snowball.a 1st boy is -6 inches right of the snowball.he is facing the snowball.a 2nd boy is left of the snowball.he is facing the snowball.[snow]backdrop.shadow plane.a 3rd boy is 3 inches behind the snowball.he is facing right.a small wave is -14 inches above the 1st boy.the wave is snow.the wave is -12 inches left of the 1st boy.a small snowman is right of the 3rd is facing the 3rd boy.
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Effects: Sharpen, Mottled
Attributions: Getty Images
KAWE  (12/6/2018) 
nheiges  (12/6/2018) 
Funny :-) And the mottled effect is great for snow.
lespaulguy  (12/6/2018) 
not dressed appropriately
coyne  (12/6/2018) 
Nanook  (12/6/2018) 
typical attire for the teen mindset :-DD
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