Hitting The Slopes

Input text: a Christmas backdrop. a small [peacock] chicken. a small squirrel is -.6 feet above the chicken. it leans back. a 2 feet long and .3 feet wide and .2 feet tall pair is -1.34 feet above and -1.77 feet behind the chicken. it leans to the back. a 1.3 feet tall and .3 inch wide [metal] tube is -.87 inch left of and -.37 inch in front of and -1.3 feet above the squirrel. it leans 22 degrees to the left. a 2 inch wide [metal] plate is -1.2 feet above and -.14 feet left of the tube. it leans 18 degrees to the left
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nheiges  (12/7/2018) 
Never thought I would see them on skis :-) Love it!
watcher570  (12/8/2018) 
KAWE  (12/8/2018) 
hui :-)
Nanook  (12/8/2018) 
thanks :-)
lespaulguy  (12/8/2018) 
they needed a bit of R&R!
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