The cheater

Input text:  a 110 inch tall shiny 30% dim maroon valentine.a 50 inch tall shiny top hat is in front of the valentine.thr hat is upside down.a [magic] backdrop.a 1st 20 inch tall flat [playing card] cube is above the hat.the 1st cube is facing west.the 1st cube leans 25 degrees to back.a 2nd 22 inch tall flat [playing card] cube is 1 inch right of the 1st cube.the 2nd cube is facing west.the 2nd cube leans 45 degrees to back.the 2nd cube is -10 inch above the 1st cube.a 3rd 26 inch tall flat [playing card] cube is 6 inch right of the 2nd cube.the 3rd cube is facing west.the 3rd cube leans 55 degrees to back.the 3rd cube is -4 inch above the 2nd cube.a 40 inch tall shiny pigeon is -25 inch left of the valentine.the pigeon is -120 inch above the valentine.the pigeon is facing the hat.
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Effects: Saturation, Sharpen
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nheiges  (12/28/2018) 
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