Guess what movie I watched last night?
Picture the man in blue wearing overalls instead of a track suit.

Input text: a road backdrop. a 6 foot tall man is right of a 5 foot tall man. the men face back. ambient light is gold. a rabbit is behind and right of and -1 foot above the man. the rabbit faces northeast. it leans to the right
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watcher570  (12/31/2018) 
Rain Man?
nheiges  (12/31/2018) 
No, but thanks for guessing :-) It was "Of Mice and Men" with John Malkovich & Gary Sinise. Probably the saddest movie of movies that I like.
watcher570  (12/31/2018) 
I've read the book but never seen the film.
nheiges  (12/31/2018) 
If you liked the story, I'd recommend this version - John Malkovich was really perfect as Lenny.
Nanook  (12/31/2018) 
my first guess :-)
nheiges  (12/31/2018) 
Nanook! Happy New Year!!
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