Input text: The speckled man. the enormous bug is in front of the man. the image backdrop. the shadow plane.
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Effects: Meme
jarble  (1/3/2019) 
Wordseye's vignettes still need some debugging. Wordseye still doesn't recognize some common English nouns, so I can't use them in the scenes that I created.
nheiges  (1/4/2019) 
funny scene :-)
coyne  (1/4/2019) 
Hi @jarble, we can add any missing nouns you encounter. Do you have a list?
nheiges  (1/4/2019) 
@coyne: my list is "hippie" :-)
jarble  (1/5/2019) 
@coyne: There are probably too many missing nouns to list here, but maybe Wordseye's parser could be modified to "learn" new nouns that it encounters. If the parser were open-source, then I would be able to add the missing nouns.
coyne  (1/5/2019) 
@jarble, Thanks for raising this topic. Most nouns currently recognized by the system are either directly or indirectly related to 3D objects in the library. There wasn't a need for lots of extra nouns until user-defined vignettes were added. But we will augment the dictionary so that many more will be recognized.
coyne  (1/8/2019) 
unrecognized words will now be treated as singular nouns and hence can be used as vignette names.
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