New in town

Input text: a red town.sun is maroon.ground is red.a 100 inch tall saloon is -5 inch in front of the town.the saloon is facing east.the facade of the saloon is red.ground is 200 feet tall.a 300 inch tall man is 600 inch in front of the town.the man is -100 inch right of the town.azimuth of the sun is -200 degrees.altitude of the sun is 25 light is black.ambient light is gray.a 260 inch tall dog is -40 inch left of the man.the dog is facing south.
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Attributions: town by jarble
nheiges  (1/4/2019) 
wow, nice one
watcher570  (1/4/2019) 
neat shadow!
lespaulguy  (1/4/2019) 
howdy stranger
hedgehog1965  (1/4/2019) 
Must be Wyatt Earp and Dog Holliday :-)
coyne  (1/5/2019) 
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