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Input text: A 4 foot wide molecule is facing the front. Molecule is 20 feet above ground. Molecule is lilac. Molecule is leaning 20 degrees to the southeast. Very giant woman is 1 inch behind molecule and -9 feet to right. Woman is 19.2 feet in ground. Backdrop is [abstract]. Ambient light is delft blue. Ground is silver . Pink first light is in front of woman. First light is 20 feet above ground. Teal second light is in front of woman. Second light is 25 feet above ground. Second light is 1.3 foot right of woman. white circle is -6 inch left of molecule. Circle is facing up. Circle is 22 feet above ground. 1.6 feet tall flower is -2 inch in front of circle and -23 inch to left. Flower is 22.2 feet above ground. [Abstract] wall is 1 inch behind circle and -1 feet above ground. Wall is 1 foot wide and 100 foot tall. Wall is -0.4 foot left of circle. White light is in front of flower.
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nice style
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