Quadrant 4573

Input text: a silver item.the item is 100 feet deep.the item is 40 feet wide.the item is 50 feet tall.a man is -45 feet behind the item.a 50 feet tall silver sphere is left of the man.a silver stairway is 2 feet right of the man.a blue light is 10 feet above the man.a palm tree is behind the sphere.a red light is 3 feet right of the stairway.a 10 feet tall alien is 1 feet behind the man.a red waterfall is behind the alien.it is facing north.a ghost is 8 feet left of the waterfall.the ghost is facing southeast.a lime light is above the ghost.the alien's eye is shiny.the man's visor is shiny.
Tags:  ##HD 
Views: 69
Effects: Color-emboss
Attributions: waterfall by jarble and , ghost,monst... by watcher570
nheiges  (1/9/2019) 
lespaulguy  (1/9/2019) 
an aurora borealis Christmas in space!
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