Winter Owl
There was an owl like this right outside the front window the other day. I thought it was a hawk from behind until it gave us the full Linda Blair head turn. So cool!

Input text: a [tree] backdrop. a 1st dull owl faces back. a 2nd dull owl is -3 foot in front of the 1st owl. a small window is 3 foot in front of and -1.6 foot beneath the owl. a sienna light is in front of and above the owl.
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Effects: Brightness, Brightness, Hue, Hue, Solarize, Invert
coyne  (1/19/2019) 
watcher570  (1/20/2019) 
very nice
boneybird  (1/20/2019) 
KAWE  (1/20/2019) 
a nice double owl :-)
nheiges  (1/20/2019) 
thank you all!
Nanook  (1/20/2019) 
so beautiful, owls are such interesting creatures!
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