First Class on Amtrack

Input text: a shiny [brown] train. a linen light is -3 feet above the train. a chair is -5.5 feet above and -5 feet behind the train. a 4 foot tall professor is -3 feet above and -2 feet in front of the chair. a table is .5 foot in front of the chair.
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Effects: Saturation, Contrast, Saturation, Saturation
Attributions: Getty Images, table by jarble
KAWE  (1/28/2019) 
watcher570  (1/28/2019) 
Nanook  (1/28/2019) 
I've never had the experience of riding a train except to do a cold call for the Northern Lights show we had where I worked. It was a short ride of about 30 miles on the Alaska Railroad. Looks like the Amtrak ride is pretty cush!
nheiges  (1/28/2019) 
I've ridden Amtrack a couple of times and it was nothing like this :-) Except you could get a glass of wine from the bar car. So what was the Northern Lights show? That sounds like an interesting thing.
Nanook  (1/28/2019) 
It had some footage from the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute as well as some from independent photographers tied together with a bit of Alaska and some explanation as to what causes the auroras.
nheiges  (1/29/2019) 
How cool!
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