The Mystical Ancient Rose

Input text: A small shiny rose is pink. It is leaning 90 degrees to the front. It is 2 feet above the ground. A bird is behind and above the rose. It is leaning 60 degrees to the front. [Gothic] backdrop. Sun is orange. Camera light is sea green. A lemon light is in front of and left of the bird. It is dusk.
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Effects: Saturation
Attributions: Getty Images
tane69  (2/3/2019) 
awesome fantasy vibe
watcher570  (2/4/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (2/4/2019) 
Thanks both :-)
Nanook  (2/4/2019) 
this would be a wonderful book cover
hedgehog1965  (2/4/2019) 

It already is :-)
Nanook  (2/5/2019) 
Ah yes, seems I remember seeing it at Barnes and Noble,, :-)
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