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Rendering Bug
There's only one object in this scene, but WordsEye renders two objects.

Input text: 
There is a 100 foot tall fire jellyfish.
Attributions: untitled by coyne
jarble  (2019) 
WordsEye used to have an option to report bugs like this one, but it seems to be gone now. https://www.wordseye.com/forum?&tid=33485
coyne  (2019) 
Oh good point about the "report problems" button that seems to be gone with some of the recent changes...we can put it back.

Not sure why this didn't work...it should know that's singular in this context even though fish can be either singular or plural.
coyne  (2019) 
Btw, a workaround until it's fixed would be to say "There is THE 100 foot tall fire jellyfish." or just "The 100 foot tall fire jellyfish." "or "The 100 foot tall jellyfish is next to the xyx" etc. In those phrasings it doesn't get confused.
KAWE  (2019) 
It can easily done :-)
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