space drifters

Input text: The image backdrop.a upside down shrimp.the shrimp is 5 feet wide.the shrimp is 2 feet deep.the shrimp is 1 feet tall.a 2 inches tall alien is -9.2 inches above the shrimp.a 12 inch tall tower is 6 inches behind the alien.a 2nd 2 inch tall alien is 2 inches right of the alien.he is facing the alien.a rust light is 3 inches right of the 2nd alien.a blue light is -1 inches above the is right of the is noon.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Normalize, Sharpen, Swirl, Contrast
tane69  (2/6/2019) 
I really like this aesthetic
lespaulguy  (2/6/2019) 
That’s great!
nheiges  (2/6/2019) 
the shrimp makes a great landscape!
Nanook  (2/7/2019) 
very cool!
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