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IF You Build It, They Will Come

Input text: 
the ground is visible. it is grass. a garage. a car is -6 feet in front of the garage. it faces back. a man is left of the car. he faces back. a cart is left of the man. it faces left. a small tv is 2 feet in the cart. it faces left. a suitcase is in front of the cart. it faces southwest. 1st large tan box is 1 feet left of and 2 feet behind the cart. 2nd large brown box is .4 feet in the 1st box. it is upside down. it faces southwest. a 4 feet tall boy is -13.5 feet in front of and -2 feet left of and -18.6 feet above the garage.
##HD  #totwBuildings 
Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
Attributions: house, garage... by Nanook
watcher570  (2019) 
nice one!
nheiges  (2019) 
I like your garage! It's so clean :-)
Nanook  (2019) 
thanks but as with any new home it's always clean when you first arrive...just give it a few years and it will no doubt be filled with multitudes of useless clutter.... :-DDD
nheiges  (2019) 
So true!
nheiges  (2019) 
And where am I supposed to put the car now?

Nanook  (2019) 
Yep !! That's what it comes to :-DDD
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