Colorado Snow Day :-(

Input text: The red Snowman is 4 feet behind and -2 feet above the 1st child with the Winter backdrop. the snowman leans left. the 1st child leans 30 degrees to the northeast. 1st 2.5 feet tall and 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep snow mountain is -6 feet above and -8 feet behind the 1st leans to the front. 2nd 2 feet tall and 17 feet wide and 26 feet deep snow mountain is -3 feet behind the 1st snow mountain. 2nd 2.5 feet tall child is right of and -2.8 feet in front of and -6 feet above the 1st child. the 2nd child leans 55 degrees to the back.the 2nd child faces northwest
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Attributions: When Snow... by mohapn15
nheiges  (3/10/2019) 
Great avalanche depiction - but how awful in real life. I hadn't known what was happening in Colorado.
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