Never try to ride a dead horse
Wisdom of the Dakota

Input text: a 110 inch tall petrol blue horse is -15 inch above the ground.the horse leans 80 degrees to left.ground is shiny gray.ground is 70 feet light is black.a 130 inch tall shiny man is -30 inch above the horse.the man leans 85 degrees to right.the man is facing south.the man is upside down.a 2000 inch tall petrol blue illuminator.a 180 inch tall shiny gray palm tree is -37 inch in front of the horse..the palm tree is -70 inch above the ground.
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Effects: Sharpen, Saturation
watcher570  (4/3/2019) 
not going to make the finish line :-)
nheiges  (4/3/2019) 
Right, you could tag it :-) Wise words!
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