Hare hunting

Input text:  a 1st 100 inch tall shiny rabbit.sky is gainsboro.ground is invisible.the 1st rabbit is facing west.a 2nd 100 inch tall shiny rabbit is -380 inch left of the 1st rabbit.the 2nd rabbit is facing west.the 2nd rabbit leans 90 degrees to south.the 2nd rabbit is -300 inch above the 1st rabbit.a 120 inch tall shiny green egg is 330 inch left of the 2nd rabbit.the egg is -5 inch above the 2nd rabbit.the egg leans 90 degrees to left.a 140 inch tall cinnamon brown chicken is -230 inch left of the 1st rabbit.the chicken is facing southwest.the chicken is -20 inch above the 1st rabbit.
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Effects: Sharpen, Color-emboss, Cracked paint, Hue, Sharpen, Saturation, Invert
nheiges  (9 days ago) 
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