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Input text: The fantasy backdrop. "SOTW and" is 1 foot above "BEYOND". "TOTW" is 1 foot above "SOTW and". a small "from" is 6 inches above and to the left of the "TOTW". a small "to" is 3 inches to the right of the "TOTW". the very tiny UFO is 2 foot above and -1.5 feet to the right of the "SOTW and". It is leaning 25 degrees to the front. the alien is 2 feet in front and to the left of "BEYOND". the alien is facing right. he is leaning 20 degrees to the back.
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zamchick  (4/16/2019) 
Thank you for all of the discussion on TOTW!

TOTW (Theme of the week) has been great for prompting theme-based art with the results featured weekly. We've started thinking about new things that might be interesting. Beyond a SOTW (Scene-of-the-week contest), we’ve been thinking along the same lines that @nanook is suggesting…building on the visual banter we've seen crop up on the site.

We could present a general theme, e.g. #STORY_City and WordsEye artists could submit “covers” for a relevant story sequence. One of these covers could be chosen weekly for artists to riff on. One way to do this would be to anchor the "cover" for the week at the top left of the Gallery with a hashtag #STORY_city, a hashtag that would carry through all responding posts.

We’d love to get your feedback on this idea or any others you think would be great?

Thank so much!

watcher570  (4/16/2019) 
I would like to give this a go,it sounds interesting
Nanook  (4/16/2019) 
I'm all in, might need to walk me through it once to get the feel but sounds like fun :-)
nheiges  (4/16/2019) 
I agree - it sounds like fun. :-)
hedgehog1965  (4/17/2019) 
Yes, will be interesting to see how it pans out
KAWE  (4/17/2019) 
let it go :-)
KAWE  (4/17/2019) 
Dear zamchick,
Frankly, I am not so happy with this "new" idea of SOTW. The introduction of backdrops and vignettes was already the first step towards "painting templates" or "template painting", that is not real art. I am afraid that this method of making pictures is even more promoted by your SOTW. But anyway, WE needs to know which direction to go. No offense. I'm just a lousy amateur painter, but I try to realize my own ideas and imaginations. And, I will continue to try to give other users of WE suggestions for their own creations and techniques.
zamchick  (4/17/2019) 
Thanks everyone! We'll work something up and see what you think.


We're not sure if SOTW implies that templated scenes or scenes where the backdrop as the main thing would be rewarded. Our criteria would be overall level of creativity, relevance, and artistry. But with your interest in always pushing the limits of the system, I can understand your resistance to the idea of "templated" experiences. You can take credit, to some degree, for validating the use of backdrops, given the use of your own photography and paintings to such good effect. I still remember your early “Crimes of Mankind” sequence and how impactful they were.

Our issue is helping new users have first time success (nice “firstys!”) so they stay on WordsEye and continue to build scenes. Backdrops (and shadow planes) help new users quickly create nice looking and relevant scenes with simple language. And vignettes, are a great way to expand language use (e.g. the "herd" of zebras) and create surprising imagery with artist-generated content. So, while our push is to grow the service, we are committed to keeping things that work well for you and others in place.

Always interested in what you and all of our artists would like to see added as new design capabilities or for community features.
Nanook  (4/17/2019) 
Dear @KAWE, I have spent the day digesting your comment and while it was addressed to Zamchick I couldn't help but take note of it as it struck a chord with me. I wanted to take some time before giving my response to your opinion so as not to say something off the cuff. Having said that, I feel it is important to say that 'art' is in the eye of the beholder and a composition of pre-made objects and/or scenes does not necessarily disqualify a work as 'art'. You well know some of the great artists who utilized such practices in their found art pieces such as Duchamp, Dali, Moore an Manzoni to name but a few. The vignettes are actually away of accomplishing a scene piece by piece if you will where it would otherwise be impossible due to the amount of text required to do so. Not unlike creating a large bronze sculpture when the crucible will only accommodate a portion of the bronze ingots required for its completion it becomes necessary to build it a section at a time. The backdrops also, as Zamchick pointed out, help the new users become familiar with WE and allows them to do well at the outset while they build their techniques and familiarity with WE.
I respect your opnion but I also respectfully disagree with your assessment of the use of the tools that have been made available to all the WE users as they are wont to utilize them.
There is no offense intended by this statement so I sincerely hope none is taken. As I like to say, Render On :-)
KAWE  (4/18/2019) 
Dear nanook and dear zamchick,
I understand your arguments and respect them fully :-)
KAWE  (4/19/2019) 
Dear nanook, obviously we use the term painting templates in a different way as Dali et al. you named never used "templates" but repeatedly used scenic elements by their own.Endeed pop artists eg. Warhol used sort of templates according to their "trivia philosophy", but in a different context and / or alienated :-)
Nanook  (4/19/2019) 
Dear KAWE, you may be correct about 'painting templates' however I don't see how 'vignettes' would be classified as 'painting' since they are actually a composition of 3-d objects. The overall point I was attempting to make was that art is art and is compiled of many different forms, genres, attributes, modems and mediums. Art is created utilizing a plethora of tools and materials as was the case for the artists I listed as an example. Indeed, part of the artist's creative expression is derived from the materials (including at times 'template paintings' or 'vignettes') used in their work. :-)
coyne  (4/19/2019) 
It's good to get all this feedback. We want to keep making wordseye more powerful and fun for both new users and experienced users. Hopefully vignettes and backdrops help do that. And there's a lot more we can do and hope to be adding over time. We really appreciate everyone who has shared their creative efforts in the gallery. It's astounding what all of you have done!
Nanook  (4/19/2019) 
Coyne and Zamchick, thank you for allowing the input and feedback you invited. I think we all want to see WE grow as a family with new users along with veteran users which enriches us all with the new ideas and different perspectives as well as allowing for different approaches to techniques. It's amazing how we can be newly enlightened each day when we open ourselves to new ideas. Thanks for the opportunity. P.S. Render On :-)
nheiges  (4/20/2019) 
For me, the social aspect of Words Eye is one of the most interesting and appealing aspects of it. It's fascinating to me how the images and 3D models make up a visual language that we communicate or express ourselves with and how the meanings of these images are shaped by the ways that we use them. I'm thinking of the professor and Timothy, the dodo, the polar bear, the chicken-and-squirrel duo, even the basic shapes, to name a few that are characters in the stories we tell with our pictures. The images themselves can provoke ideas and we transform the images and the ideas they suggest as we use them. And I feel a lot of influence from the other artists here - those who explore the outer limits or who just express their unique vision or artistic sensibility, whether longterm users or new ones. I've learned a lot about art from you guys, and I feel like I see and appreciate the visual world better than I did before becoming involved here. For me, as well, the effort of learning paid off - I wasn't discouraged in the beginning, thanks to lots of support from you all and a lot of interest on my part to learn, and to be honest, when backdrops rolled out, I wondered if I would enjoy the process less when it was so much easier. But that hasn't been the case - there is still plenty of challenge, but I also like being able to put a scene in the gallery when I only have a little time. The backdrops strike me as just an extension of the images we were already able to use on walls and other objects. I was looking at the tutorial materials yesterday and I didn't see the video walk-through. Is it being updated to show how to choose a background vs ground? That might be helpful for new users. Anyway, I have less qualification than anyone to weigh in on what is or isn't art, but whatever this is, I love it. :-)
Nanook  (4/20/2019) 
Well said and thank you @nheiges for putting into words the vast feelings I believe we all have with regard to our experiences here at WE.
boneybird  (4/20/2019) 
@nheiges great summary of some of our enduring tropes! Chicken-and-Squirrel on!
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