Storming It Up
Quote is By Vivian Green

Input text:  a 12 feet tall man faces southeast. "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass." is in front of and -8 feet above the man. "It's about learning how to dance in the rain." is 1 feet in front of and -10 feet above the man. the shirt of the man is cyclone. a 14 feet tall polar bear is 3 feet right of and 2 feet behind the faces southwest. it leans 4 degrees to the left. a 2 feet tall ladybug is 2 feet right of and 6 feet behind the man. it leans 33 degrees to the northeast. it faces back. 50 feet tall lightning bolt is 4 feet behind and 3 feet left of the man. it leans right.
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Effects: Mottled, Mottled
boneybird  (4/18/2019) 

watcher570  (4/19/2019) 
nice scene and reply
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