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Input text: a clear rock.a 1st woman is behind the rock.a linen light is in front of the 1st woman.black shiny ground.the ground is 75 feet tall.a 2nd woman is 2 feet right of the 1st woman.a white light is in front of the 2nd woman.fantasy sky.the sky is upside down.the sky is 30000 feet wide.
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Effects: Sharpen, Canvas texture, Despeckle, Sharpen, Stucco
Attributions: rock,stone,cli... by jarble
KAWE  (4/19/2019) 
the title is unclear to me but the image is great :-)
nheiges  (4/19/2019) 
really nice effects!
Nanook  (4/19/2019) 
the sky brings to mind the auroras, nice image!
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