At last,the Alphabet machine is here!

Input text: a 6 feet tall tube.the tube is 3 feet wide.a 1st 7 feet tall window is in front of the tube.the tube is -3 feet right of the 1st window.a 2nd 7 feet tall window is left of the 1st window.a clear door is in front of the 2nd is facing right.the door is -2 inches right of the 2nd window.the tube is alphabet.a 5 feet tall man is 1.5 feet left of the door.he is facing right.a hedge is 1 feet behind the 1st window.a flat shiny wall is behind the hedge.clear ground.the sky is [abstract].a yellow light is 1 feet left of the tube.a red light is 1 feet right of the tube.a green light is above the hedge.the wall is forest.
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nheiges  (4/26/2019) 
nheiges  (4/27/2019) 
Finally, I can make homemade alphabet soup!

Nanook  (4/29/2019) 
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