The mad dash for treasure island

Input text: a sea.a 1st fleet.a tiny 2nd fleet is 1 feet above the 1st is shiny.a island is 100 feet in front of the 1st is right of the 1st fleet.the island is -5 feet above the sea.a aqua light is 6 feet behind the 1st fleet.a tower is 10 feet right of the island.the sky is cloud.the sky is upside is morning.a cyan light is above the island.a 3rd fleet is in front of the 1st fleet.
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Effects: Contrast
Attributions: fleet,arma... by jarble and , fleet,spacesh... by watcher570 and , island by nheiges and , fleet,arma... by jarble
nheiges  (5/5/2019) 
Stay away from me treasure ye scurvy bilge rats! Arrrrrr!

KAWE  (5/5/2019) 
nicely vignetterish :-)
Nanook  (5/5/2019) 
good one!
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