Input text: on a river a small [water] skeleton is to the right of a big potted plant. in front of the skeleton is a one foot tall glass cup. behind the skeleton is a fire skeleton. two feet to the right of the fire skeleton is a large puppy. on the puppy is a one foot tall orb. 2 red lights are three feet to the right of the puppy. a green light is 4 feet behind the plant. a small tophat is on the small skeleton. small white "damn" is 4 feet above the puppy
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Nanook  (5/15/2019) 
damn good beginning......welcome :-) can't wait to see more
lespaulguy  (5/15/2019) 
nheiges  (5/15/2019) 
you're off to a great start!
watcher570  (5/16/2019) 
KAWE  (5/17/2019) 
very cool
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