Witches tale

Input text: a 1st silver castle..a 2nd silver castle is 800 inch behind the 1st castle.the 2nd castle is facing west.the 2nd castle is 600 inch tall.the ground is clear .ambient light is gold.ground is 130 feet tall and 400 feet wide .camera light is salmon.a silver wall is left of the 1st castle.the wall is 400 feet tall and 900 feet wide.the wall is facing right.a 460 inch tall silver witch is -800 inch right of the 1st castle.the witch is above the 1st castle.the witch is facing southeast.the roof of the 2nd castle is maroon.a 2300 inch tall glass tree is -5 inch east of the 2nd castle.the tree is -550 inch north of the 2nd castle.the tree trunk of the tree is silver.
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Effects: Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Sharpen
tane69  (5/20/2019) 
very nice
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