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Dancing mantildas

Input text: 
a 1st 10 inch tall silver praying mantis.a [dancing] backdrop.sun is gray.sky is gray.the 1st praying mantis leans 40 degrees to back.a 2nd 7 inch tall silver praying mantis is -7 inch in front of the 1st praying mantis.the 2nd praying mantis is facing the 1st mantis. the 2nd mantis leans 50 degrees to back.ambient light is 50% dim silver.a 10 inch tall silver sun symbol is -5.5 inch above the 2nd praying mantis.the sun symbol is -9 inch in front of the 2nd mantis.
##getty  ##HD 
Effects: Contrast, Solarize
Attributions: Getty Images
hedgehog1965  (2019) 
“You’ll come a waltzing Mantilda with me”
Layzez  (6/12/2019) 
love it!
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