The Insect trap

Input text: a fantasy head of hair.the head of hair is 100 feet deep.the head of hair is 40 feet wide.the head of hair is 30 feet is upside down.a alien is -23.1 feet above the head of hair.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.the alien is facing southeast.a 1st 2 feet tall insect is right of the is facing southwest.a 2nd 2 feet tall insect is 2 feet behind the is right of the alien.a 1st 2.5 feet tall grass is left of the is behind the alien.a 2nd 3.5 feet tall grass is behind the 2nd insect.lilac sun.a 3rd 2 feet tall grass is 6 inches in front of the alien.
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Effects: Brightness
nheiges  (5/27/2019) 
The head of hair makes an interesting ecosystem :-)
KAWE  (5/28/2019) 
Uups a new wasp species :-)
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