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a head.a 1st eye is -5.6 inches above the head.it is -1.5 inches in front of the head.the 1st eye is 1.1 inches wide.the 1st eye is 3 inches tall.the 1st eye is -2.4 inches left of the head.a 2nd eye is -5.6 inches above the head.the 2nd eye is 1.1 inches wide.it is 3 inches tall.the 2nd eye is -1.5 inches in front of the head.it is -2.4 inches right of the head.the 1st eye's iris is clock.the 2nd eye's fat iris is clock.the head's lip is shiny purple.the head's hair is shiny black.a shiny watch is right of the head.it is 2 inches wide.the watch is 10 inches tall.the watch is face up.a bird is behind the head.a rust light is right of the bird.
Sharpen, Contrast
KAWE (2019) 
nheiges (2019) 
my, what big eyes you have!
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