Pensive Patience

Input text: A woman is in front of a clear house. The hair of the woman is gold. The head beads of the woman is gold. The sun is purple. The shirt of the woman is pattern. Camera light is scarlet. 3 cream lights are in front of the woman. A small dark giraffe is 8 feet left of and behind the woman. Ambient light is brown. A tiny wall is left of the lights. It is facing east.
Tags:  ##getty  ##HD 
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Effects: Saturation, Illustration
Attributions: Getty Images
Nanook  (6/1/2019) 
quite thought provoking :-)
nheiges  (6/1/2019) 
the light really makes the scene :-)
watcher570  (6/2/2019) 
very nice!
KAWE  (6/2/2019) 
Yes, giraffes are very patient :-)
hedgehog1965  (6/2/2019) 
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