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Input text: The second woman is -2.4 feet behind the first woman. The first woman faces southwest. The second woman faces southwest. The third woman is -2.1 feet behind the second woman. The third woman faces west. The fourth woman is -2.1 feet behind the third woman. The fourth woman faces northwest. The fifth woman is -2.4 feet behind the fourth woman. The fifth woman faces northwest. The first woman is blue. The second woman is green. The third woman is red. The fourth woman is blue. The fifth woman is green. The ground is entirely storm gray. The sun is 25% yellow. The camera light is black. The big clear icosahedron is 2 feet left of the third woman. It is -3 feet above the third woman. It faces southeast.
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hedgehog1965  (6/17/2019) 
Do as the Romams
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