Input text: A giant [psychedelic] jellyfish. five giant pink flowers beneath jellyfish. giant gold cloud right of jellyfish. blossom beneath jellyfish. pink light. giant [psychedelic] mirror behind flowers. giant cloud behind mirror. five giant [flower] stars behind mirror. [cloud] sun symbol above flowers. psychedelic backdrop.
Tags:  ##getty  ##HD 
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Attributions: Getty Images, The World's... by hedgehog1965 and , cloud by nheiges and , cloud by nheiges
anibot  (6/18/2019) 
This is my first scene, a contrast :)
lespaulguy  (6/18/2019) 
cool! Welcome.
hedgehog1965  (6/18/2019) 
Very nice contrast
nheiges  (6/18/2019) 
Excellent first scene!
Nanook  (6/18/2019) 
off to a great start, read your chat and just love your enthusiasm. Welcome!!
watcher570  (6/19/2019) 
great start!
KAWE  (6/19/2019) 
nice "firsty"
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