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a 100 inch tall flat blue eye.sky is yellow.ground is invisible.a 1st 110 inch wide and 52 inch deep and 3 inch tall white disk is -85 inch above the eye.the 1st disk leans 90 degrees to the front.a 2nd 50 inch wide and 1 inch tall red disk is -51 inch above the 1st disk.the 2nd disk leans 90 degrees to the front.the 2nd disk is in front of the 1st disk.
Effects: Blobby paint, Canvas texture, Contrast, Sharpen, Contrast
nheiges  (6/28/2019) 
nicely made!
watcher570  (6/28/2019) 
watchers still here :-)
coyne  (6/28/2019) 
very nice!
hedgehog1965  (6/28/2019) 
Big brother is everywhere
Nanook  (6/29/2019) 
airing three nights a week.
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