Florida, A.M.
Tried to replicate a photo/memory from this weekend - a visit with family in the swampy, gator-y part of Florida. On this trip, I learned that Gatorade was invented for and named for the UF Gators!

Input text: sky is 1500 feet tall [wet]. ground is invisible.a 1st large [wood] window. a 1st 14 foot tall palm tree is 1 foot behind and -12 feet left of the window. a flat 12 foot tall black ivy is behind the window. a 2nd large [wood] window is right of the 1st window. a 3rd large [wood] window is left of the 1st window. camera light is brown. ambient light is lawn green. a black frog leans 90 degrees to the back. it is behind and -6 feet above and -5 feet right of the 1st window. a dull pond is beneath the window. a huge dull dark red piranha is 2 feet behind the 1st window. it faces right. it leans to the back. it is -1.5 feet above the pond. a enormous cup is 2 foot in front of and -3 foot right of and -11 feet above the 1st window. a large dark brown circle is -.2 foot above the cup. a peach light is in front of the cup. it is dawn. a 2nd palm tree is behind and -10 feet right of the 1st palm tree.
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Nanook  (7/8/2019) 
quite mystic and meditative. (I think there are alot of people that didn't know that bit of trivia and I would probably be one too if not for my interest in football haha).
nheiges  (7/8/2019) 
It was completely new to me, and then seemed really obvious. :-)
hedgehog1965  (7/8/2019) 

We spent half of our honeymoon in the Everglades - my wife had this gator encounter :-)
watcher570  (7/9/2019) 
cool greens
nheiges  (7/9/2019) 
Thanks - and thanks for sharing the pic, @hedgehog1965 :-)
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