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Going Through The Motions

Input text: 
1st 3 feet tall and .5 feet deep shiny ocean blue "MOTIONS" is 4 feet above the ground. it faces back. a 15 feet tall and 30 feet long and 1 inch deep clear wall is 6 feet behind the 1st "MOTIONS". the wall is on the ground. the ground is invisible.the sky is storm. a clear woman is -1.2 feet behind and -4.7 feet left of the 1st "MOTIONS". the woman is 2.6 feet above the ground. the woman faces back. the woman leans 35 degrees to the front. 2 cyan lights are in front of and -2 feet above the 1st "MOTIONS". a pansy lavender light is behind and -2 feet above the woman. a rust light is behind the "MOTIONS". the camera light is dim. the ambient light is tarragon green
Effects: Swirl, Color-emboss, Contrast
Attributions: Getty Images
nheiges  (2019) 
Some days it's the best you can do . . . Very nice scene!
watcher570  (2019) 
well nice scene
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