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Title Challenge...you name it
This scene is a WE random selection of the objects texted without any change of the object WE chose.

Input text: 
the thing. the large car is 2 feet left of and in front of the thing. the car faces northwest. a man is right of the car. the man faces right. a huge bird is on the thing. a orange light is 6 inch above the bird. the sun's azimuth is 230 degrees.
Effects: Sharpen
watcher570  (7/18/2019) 
corner house?
hedgehog1965  (7/18/2019) 
Screeching Through the Tunnels of Love
hedgehog1965  (7/18/2019) 
(subtitle: I Drove All Night to Get to You)
boneybird  (7/18/2019) 
nheiges  (7/18/2019) 
Good one, @boneybird!
nheiges  (7/18/2019) 
For once, the GPS was exactly right. Huh.
coyne  (7/18/2019) 
Brokedown Mountain
Nanook  (7/18/2019) 
Well that gave me a lot of laughs. I couldn't imagine it would get so many great titles and responses. :-DDDD
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