Grandma's shed

Input text: a 1st shelf.a 2nd 3 feet long shelf is 2 inches above the 1st shelf. a 1st bottle is on the 2nd shelf.a shed is -3.4 feet left of the 1st shelf.a small skull is 4 inches in front of the is facing right.of the bottle.the 1st shelf is facing right.the 2nd shelf is facing right.the 1st shelf is 1.2 feet above the ground.the shed is on the ground.the 1st shelf is -5 feet in front of the shed.a small toy is 8 inches behind the is night.a lime light is right of the shed.a green light is 4 inches above the lime light.a cream light is above the shed.a yellow light is left of the shed.a tiny cauldron is -5 feet in front of the shed.a rust light is in front of the shed.a orange light is 1 feet above the rust light.a small broom is right of the is 2 inches above the ground.a small chicken is 1 inches right of the is facing southeast.
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Effects: Saturation
Attributions: shelf by nheiges
Nanook  (7/18/2019) 
Looks like one you'd find in Louisiana
nheiges  (7/18/2019) 
Never bother Grandma when she's stirring up a brew.
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