New life on the moon
In April, Israel tried to land a probe on the moon, but it has crashed. There were thousands of so-called water bears on board

Input text: a 100 inch tall moon.the moon is 40 inch wide [bt].a sunset backdrop.a 50 inch tall shiny black woman is on the ground.the woman is 10 inch behind the moon.the woman is facing light is orange.the bathing cap of the woman is night blue.
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watcher570  (8/7/2019) 
Read the report and a great picture of the news
nheiges  (8/7/2019) 
Fantastic image to illustrate the story!
Nanook  (8/7/2019) 
Makes you wonder if they can survive the extreme heat and cold there?
Nanook  (8/7/2019) 
oh and beautiful and powerful image!
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