Lair of Surprises

Input text: A spinach is on a pale cake. The cake is on a 20% shiny black table. It is -8 inch in front of and -2 feet left of the table. The ground is grass. Camera light is black. 2 lemon lights are above and left of the table. 2 dim lights are above and in front of the spinach. An 80% dark [dirt] wall is behind the table. A long 70% dark rug is in front of the wall. A large shiny vase is 2 feet left of the table. A box is behind and 4 inch right of the cake. A cane is right of the vase. It is leaning back. It is facing north.
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Effects: Saturation
watcher570  (5 days ago) 
nheiges  (5 days ago) 
"A spinach is on a pale cake" should be the first line in a great work of literature. Interesting and beautiful scene!
lespaulguy  (5 days ago) 
Love In The Lemon Light

Nanook  (5 days ago) 
hedgehog1965  (5 days ago) 
Thanks all!
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