Dark Money Under the Table
inspired by @KAWE's The Biggest Lobbyists

Input text: a table. 3 huge dark monies are -1 foot under and -3 feet right of the table. they lean 45 degrees to the back. a 1st tiny light is on the money. 2nd tiny light is in front of and -2 foot right of the table. a 1st huge hand is right of the money. it faces back. a 2nd huge hand is left of the money. [hotel] backdrop.
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Nanook  (8/14/2019) 
Dark Money - White Hands

not surprising where it all started and who all is involved, even more sinister is the rational behind it all :-(
watcher570  (8/15/2019) 
good scene and reply
Nanook  (8/15/2019) 
Just one example of dark money at work behind the scenes:
nheiges  (8/15/2019) 
Wow, to have so much money and do so much harm. :-( Interesting article.
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