Zombie Chicken

Input text: a plate is on a glass table. backdrop is restaurant. a 2.5 feet tall chair is -.8 feet behind the table. the cushion of the chair is tan. 1st pink chicken leg is -.1 feet above the plate. it leans 5 degrees to the front. 2nd pink chicken leg is .2 feet right of and -.4 feet behind and 1.5 inch above the plate. it leans 35 degrees to the southwest.it faces southeast. a glass is -3 inch left of and -3 inch in front of the plate. 1st 1.7 feet tall woman is -1 feet above the chair. she faces the 2nd chicken leg. a fork is .1 feet right of and -.8 feet behind the plate. it faces back. it is on the table. a tiny rope brown xi is -.85 feet above the 2nd chicken leg. it is upside down. 2nd 1.9 feet tall woman is 3.2 feet left of and 2.9 feet behind and -2.5 feet above the 1st woman. she faces the 1st woman.
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nheiges  (8/18/2019) 
Okay, that is a shocking video!
Nanook  (8/18/2019) 
tell me about it! I feel awful for the chicken :-(
nheiges  (8/18/2019) 
Here is what Snopes has to say - a mixture of true and false: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/zombie-chicken-video/
watcher570  (8/19/2019) 
very weird
KAWE  (8/19/2019) 
Nanook  (8/19/2019) 
@nheiges I thought it looked more like a frog than chicken but either way it was disturbing .....
hedgehog1965  (8/19/2019) 
If The Sun reported it then it must be true ;-)
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