We Ate the Man in the Yellow Hat!!!

Input text: the woman is in the desert. a crow is three inches to her left. the desert is yellow. the sun is red. there is a medium yellow hat 1 inch above the woman. the woman is three feet tall. there is a small yellow hat 1 inch above the bird. there is a five foot high orange ant 1 foot behind the woman and crow. there is a bright light above the crow. The moon is to the left of the woman in the sky.
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Effects: Fuzzy border
Nanook  (8/18/2019) 
catching on fast :-)
nheiges  (8/18/2019) 
yes, I was thinking the same!
watcher570  (8/19/2019) 
nice one!
hedgehog1965  (8/19/2019) 
Interesting dining companions
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