National Dog Day...
...takes me down memory lane.

Input text: the [percy] picture. it faces northeast.backdrop is bulletin board.a squirrel is -1.1 feet above a [peacock] chicken. the chicken faces the picture. it is -.1 feet right of and -1.5 feet above the picture. the squirrel faces the picture. the squirrel leans to the back.
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nheiges  (8/26/2019) 
Aww, what a cutie *3
watcher570  (8/27/2019) 
very cute
hedgehog1965  (8/27/2019) 
Bless :-)
Nanook  (8/27/2019) 
thanks, he was as sweet as he was cute :-) and as of course as everyone says about their companions as a whip...he knew all of his stuffed animals by name and he had a basket full of them :-)
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