Getting Toad

Input text: 1st wheel is on a 100 feet long road.a 4 feet tall and 2 inch wide tube is -1.1 feet above and -.1 feet left of the wheel. it leans 90 degrees to the left. 2nd wheel is -4 feet right of and -1.1 feet above the tube. a 3.4 feet tall frog is -1.7 feet in front of and -.6 feet above the tube. it leans to the back.a wrecker is 3 feet in front of and -1 feet above the tube. it faces back. the body of the wrecker is red.a [metal] chain is -.4 feet behind and -3.2 feet above the leans 60 degrees to the back. a 100 feet long fence is 3 feet left of the road. it faces left. a fire hydrant is 2 feet behind and 1 feet left of the 2nd wheel. a bus stop is 2 feet behind the fire hydrant. it faces right. a 10 feet tall street light is 2 feet left of the fire hydrant. backdrop is park. the wheel of the wrecker is silver. a orange point light is 3 inch above the frog.the sun's azimuth is 210 degrees.shadow plane is visible. the road of the road is cement. a orange light is right of the frog. 1st man is right of the bus stop. he faces the frog. 2nd man is -1.6 feet left of and -1.86 feet in front of the frog. he faces the frog.he is on the ground. 9 inch tall and 4 feet wide gold "ACME TOWING" is .02 inch right of and -4.2 feet above and -15 feet in front of the wrecker. it faces right.
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Effects: Cracked paint, Color-emboss, Sharpen
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