Spirits' Call

Input text: a pyre. backdrop is winter. shadow plane. sun's azimuth is 5 degrees.camera light is black. a 5.5 feet long and 1.2 feet tall and 2 feet deep [fur] baguette is -1 feet above the pyre. 1st large wood feather is -2.5 feet above and -.9 feet right of and -.6 feet behind the pyre.it leans 150 degrees to the left. a tiny gray light is in front of the feather. 2nd .17 feet tall yellow feather is -.5 feet above and -1 feet right of the 1st feather. it is upside down. 3rd .2 feet tall white feather is -.3 feet left of and -.5 feet in front of and -.8 feet above the pyre. it leans 187 degrees to the front. a wolf is 8 feet behind and 2 feet right of the pyre.it faces the pyre. 2nd wolf is 2 feet behind and 1 feet left of the wolf. a campfire is -8.4 feet above the pyre. a orange light is -.4 feet above the campfire. a red light is -.3 feet above and -.3 feet in front of the campfire. a large shiny flame is on the campfire. sun's altitude is 50 degrees.
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Effects: Cracked paint, Color-emboss, Sharpen
Attributions: Getty Images, pyre by Nanook
KAWE  (8/30/2019) 
watcher570  (8/30/2019) 
Great and I was thinking of spirit in the sky :-)
hedgehog1965  (8/30/2019) 
Sad but beautiful
Nanook  (8/30/2019) 
Thanks y'all :-) I have had numerous thoughts come from watching (binging on) 'Hell On Wheels'.
nheiges  (8/30/2019) 
really beautiful!
Nanook  (8/30/2019) 
thanks again :-)
nheiges  (8/31/2019) 
Had to look up that show - the description sounds a bit like Deadwood, which my husband really liked. We may have to check that out.
Nanook  (8/31/2019) 
It is very much like Deadwood, it's very graphic and gives a realistic view of life along the rail line construction. Another comparison would be to the 'book' version of Lonesome Dove, the televised series was a bit tame.There are five seasons and we are already on season 4 episode 4 in a week, that's how much it grabs you :-)
nheiges  (9/4/2019) 
It sounds really good, especially the comparison to Lonesome Dove. Reading that novel was an experience I'll never forget! :-)
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