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Golden Hours

Input text: the dolphin is red. it is hazy. it is partly cloudy. the large mountain is 100 feet behind the dolphin. the dolphin is in the sea. the mountain is on the sea. the rowboat is 5 feet behind the dolphin. it is in the sea. it is facing southwest. the camera light is black. the large willow tree is in the sea. it is 25 feet behind the boat. The yellow illuminator is 3 feet above the dolphin. it is to the left of the dolphin. the cyan illuminator is two feet above the boat. it is in front of the boat.
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rws  (5 years ago) 
daniel  (2014) 
Beautiful! The water texture really looks realistic here.
coyne  (2014) 
Thanks! Yeah, I think it's largely a result of the different light sources..
zamchick  (2014) 
I miss using haze. Atmospherics are so powerful.
coyne  (2014) 
definitely. I think that adds to the lighting effect close up is colorful and vibrant and as you get further from the camera things get grayer.
coyne  (2014) 

linda  (2014) 
leon  (2014) 
good job
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